Solar System Installation for Government Offices

Solar panels are no long the synonymous with residential and commercial use. Solar system installation has travelled a long way in government domain as well.  In our country of 1.25 Billion people, energy needs are growing manifold and rapidly.

As per CEA, India reached annual per capita electricity consumption of 1,010 kWh in 2015. By this parameter, we are still amongst the lowest ranking in the World, with developed nations standing at 15,000 kWh.

Being a government organization it is a responsibility to take part in nation building activities, install solar system and contribute to nation building. 

Our solar professionals have designed and built systems that can eliminate or dramatically reduce your electric bill from day one. With over years of experience in designing and installing solar systems, you can rely on MaxVolt Solar being the renewable energy partner you can count on.

Install solar system at effective price, while fulfilling all parameters as per MNRE regulations.